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Pig: chinese (eastern) horoscope

Occupying the last position in 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, Pig is mild and a lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune and wealth. Personality traits of the people born under the sign of the Pig are happy, easygoing, honest, trusting, educated, sincere and brave. The possible dark sides the Pig people are stubbornness, naive, over-reliant, self-indulgent, easy to anger and materialistic. They are sometimes regarded as being lazy.

Chinese: 猪 (Zhū)
Earthly Branches: Hai (亥)
Energy: Yin
Five Elements: Water (Shui)

Lucky things

Lucky Flowers: Hydrangea, Pitcher plant, Marguerite
Lucky Gemstone: Ruby
Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 8
Lucky Colors: Yellow, Grey, Brown, Golden
Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northeast
Best Match: Sheep, Rabbit, Tiger

Unlucky things

Unlucky Numbers: 1, 3, 9
Unlucky Colors: Red, Blue, Green
Unlucky Direction: Southeast
Worst Match: Snake, Monkey, Pig

Personality traits

The pig, closely related to us is thought to be clumsy, lazy and smelly. While, scientific research shows that they are clever and pretty clean. There are wild boars living in mountain forests that are thought to be ferocious. It is said that when a group of boars walk together, the leader will erect his tail to show him as the leader. It is the same as the people born in the year of the Pig. If they are supervisors in an organization, they always remember to show themselves as the leader and sometimes may act arbitrarily.

Warm-hearted, honest and tolerant to others, the people under the Pig sign are always full of friends as they are faithful to them and set a high value on friendship. Whenever a friend is in need, they will help without hesitation. Also, they dislike quarreling and are magnanimous to let bygones be bygones. So, they usually can get along very well with others. Although thought to be materialists, they are not stingy and would like to share what they have with others.

In career, once meeting frustration, the Pig people is easy to lose confidence, care too much about other’s sneers, and thus look down on themselves. Therefore, try to calm down and communicate with colleagues are important at that time. On the other hand, they are diligent and always spare no effort to finish the duties. So, good luck often favors them. They are also patient in their jobs which make them good teachers.

Their shortcomings are too kind-hearted to easily believe in others, lack of responsibility, near-sighted and only paying attention to the present. Also, they are not good at money management.

Male personality traits

Male Pigs are low-key, cheerful, mild-tempered, good-natured, understanding and dedicated, showing insightful views for many things. Friendly and generous as they are, they would always leave some leeway, never argue a point to death and could forgive others for honest mistakes. Also, they are industrious, simple and willing to participate in various activities, and make all-out efforts for their duties. However, men under the Pig sign can be easily deceived since they often trust others readily.

Female personality traits

In terms of living, females under the Pig sign are quite optimistic. They don't have high standards for living quality and only seek peace and kindness. Female Pigs are so kind-hearted that they often trust others readily and be tricked; even so, they seldom blame those who have cheated them but choose to escape and act as if nothing had happened. As a result, many people think Pig women are free from trouble.

When it comes to life, Pig women hold a passionate attitude and they often take part in various activities. Sincere and frank as they are, they never make an enemy and are not calculating, holding a philosophical and generous attitude. When you stay with them, you will find they are quite humorous and behave elegantly, thus loved by everyone and enjoy great popularity.

As for love relationship, women under the Pig sign are gentle and kind-hearted and they are the perfect match for a lot of males. They are emotional women who know their own mind and listen to the advice of others. In face of female Pigs, males often want to protect them. Therefore, they are usually the blessed.


In terms of relationship with the people under other animal signs, the Pig people can live happily with the silent Rabbit. They could coordinate their efforts to achieve common goals. Being together with the Sheep people, there will be few conflicts take place in their life. As the Pigs and Tigers could overcome their own weaknesses by learning from the other’s strong points, they could be good partners. In addition, the Pigs understand and admire the Tigers very much.

The people under the Pig sign could also live in harmony and cooperate well with the people born in the year of Rat, Ox, Dragon, Horse, Rooster and Dog persons.

However, two pig people don’t match well as they couldn’t complement each other perfectly. When meeting things, they two will both lose their bearings and lose confidence. Also, for the Pigs, it’s hard to deal with the Snakes and Monkeys, as they are too smart and cunning.


The Pig people are gentle and warm-hearted. Therefore, they are fit to engage in social charity and welfare programs. Also, the magnanimous and tolerant Pigs can be excellent teachers. What the Pigs should avoid is financial related works as they are easy to be cheated in nature. Other suitable jobs for the Pig include scientists, writers, art creators, engineers, technologists, and health care providers.

Best Work Partners: Tiger, Rabbit and Sheep
Best Age to Start a Business: 40 – 50
Best Career Field: Agriculture
Best Business to Do: Restaurant
Best Direction for Career: South, North and Southeast


People whose zodiac sign is Pig are good-natured, resolute, steadfast and generous. They prefer the simple life and are more pragmatic in love relationship – would like the everlasting relationship rather than the temporary passion.

Most of them are passive in love. Passion and warmth are required to win their love. The conservative Pig people are passive in love and cannot keep pace with the times of fast relationship. However, they can always let others see their sincerity gradually. Those falling in love with people of Pig sign must know them very well and trust them very much.

For Pigs, the biggest problem in love is that they lack of confidence and are not sure whether they can win the love of their crush; that is to say, they lack the sense of security in the relationship.

An overly passive attitude in love appears hypocritical. Meanwhile, Pig people are too slow and even shrink back when pursued by others, so they are more likely to fall out of love than other people. As long as they find the right one, they are suggested to take action in time, or they will find someone has beaten them to it.

You are supposed to watch the pace if romantically involved with a person of Pig sign and never love by fits and starts, because he/she is not persistent in love and such an attitude will keep him/her at a respectful distance. So strike while the iron is hot and do not pause or hesitate if you want to win his/her love with your passion.

Pig will be in the following years:

22 January 1947  –  09 February 1948
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - red. Element - fire.

07 February 1959  –  27 January 1960
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - brown. Element - earth.

27 January 1971  –  14 February 1972
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - white. Element - metal.

13 February 1983  –  01 February 1984
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - blue. Element - water.

31 January 1995  –  18 February 1996
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - green. Element - wood.

17 February 2007  –  06 February 2008
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - red. Element - fire.

05 February 2019  –  24 January 2020
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - brown. Element - earth.

23 January 2031  –  10 February 2032
Yin (female year, moon and shadows, earth and night). Colour - white. Element - metal.

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