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Rat (mouse)

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Rat (mouse): chinese (eastern) horoscope

Ranking the first in the Chinese zodiac, rat represents wisdom. Personality traits for the people born in the year of the Rat are intelligent, charming, quick-witted, practical, ambitious, and good at economizing as well as social activities. The weaknesses are that the Rats are likely to be timid, stubborn, wordy, greedy, devious, too eager for power and love to gossip.

Chinese: 鼠 (Shǔ)
Earthly Branches: Zi (子)
Energy: Yang
Five Elements: Water (Shui)

Lucky things

Lucky Flowers: Lily, African violet, Lily of the valley
Lucky Gemstone: Garnet
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3
Lucky Colors: Blue, Golden, Green
Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northeast
Best Match: Dragon, Monkey, Ox

Unlucky things

Unlucky Numbers: 5, 9
Unlucky Colors: Yellow, Brown
Unlucky Direction: West
Worst Match: Rabbit, Horse, Sheep, Rooster

Personality traits

It’s a fate that rat and human beings are greatly related with each other. They often eat our food and have the ability to survive at anywhere without picky about food. Because of this, the people born in the year of the Rat are outgoing, optimistic and highly adaptable in any environment. They are not the people who haggle over every ounce but stay at ease under all circumstances. So, they are easy to be liked and helped by others.

The Rat people are endowed with the power of acute observation, anticipation, and visionary power. You can get a validation from an old saying among the boatmen – ‘Rats leave (or desert or forsake) a sinking ship’ which means the rat can aware that the ship will be wrecked and run away in advance. Also, for a factory, once there are rats run out one after another, it predicts the fire damage is coming soon. Because of the ability, the rat people are usually good at some creativity works. They can be artistic creators, inventors, innovators etc. However, they should not rely on this power to deal with things completely. Think hard and ask for the opinions from others are very important.

Male personality traits

Male Rats are diligent, positive and intolerant of the undisciplined and profligate attitude of others. With a good memory, they love to ask questions and tend to be mild and rarely impulsive.

In life, men under the Rat sign are gregarious and they act quickly in social occasions. Also, they boast keen intuition, foresight and business acumen.

As for love relationship, males under the Rat sign usually fall for those who are gentle, courteous, considerate, cultured and reasonable. They never have a rush for quick results or fall in love readily because once they start a relationship they will try to make it a marriage. Even if they meet the one they love deeply, they will mull over whether they are suitable and whether they can give the loved one happiness. Generally, male Rats often think of others first, pay out without regret and never ask for payback.

In career, men of Rat sign won't experience marked ups and downs because they prefer to be ordinary and do their duties well for sake of security. However, it does not mean they're mediocre. Instead, they are very serious about their work and will explore from it to settle down and then look for opportunities. They are determined to lay a foundation for the future and make a long-term plan for a happy life.

Female personality traits

Female Rats are optimists who are cheerful, hardworking, frugal, highly adaptable and popular among people. Also, they are clean, versatile, brilliant, resourceful and family-oriented women every man wants to marry.

In life, women under the Rat sign often impress others with their overly frugal attitude. They always buy the second-hand goods, divide a meal into several and make every effort to cut down family expenses. If the family does need money, however, they would be unstintingly generous.

In terms of career, female Rats are quite work-oriented. Almost unlike any other women, Rat women would manage everything like their cause.

When it comes to relationship, female Rats are quite traditional and they wish their children and parents could live a better life. Generally speaking, they easily fall for men under the Ox sign because they think they could depend on male Oxen.

As for the attitude towards life, Rat women are natural optimists who enjoy great popularity and have many friends. Extremely family-oriented, they take much count of family life and are good at housekeeping, waiting for their husbands and children to go home for the warm life.


The rat people could cooperate well with the ox people as the ox is diligent and kind. In love, they are a good match. The ox is very loyal to the rat which makes the rat feel safe. When stay with the monkey, the rat should be independent in thinking instead of relying too much on the monkey. If they get married, a sweet love and happy marriage is expected. In relationship with the dragon, the rat could enjoy a joyful cooperation and achieve a great success with the dragon as they both admire each other in talent. As the rat is very thoughtful in nature and knows how to respect others which could gratify the dragon’s vanity, they could enjoy a happy marriage.

The tiger, snake, dog, pig and the other rat people can harmonize with the Rat people.

However, the horse happens to be the conflicted opposite of the rat. The rooster people is also not the proper ones to marry for the rat, as the Rooster people are easy to quarrel with them. It may also bring lots of problems for the rat people to marry those under the sheep sign, as the sheep may squander the money that the rat people make by their hard work. The rat and rabbit couldn’t be good co-operation partners because the rat doesn’t like the rabbit’s business practices. Also, the rabbit likes to act against the rat’s wishes in marriage life, so they usually have a troubled life.


The people under the Rat sign are fit to those kinds of creative jobs such as artists, editors and writers. Also, the Rat people are best suited to technical jobs such as gardeners and craftsmen. Warmhearted and uninhibited, the Rats are fond of charitable causes. As long as there is any jobs related to charity, you can see the Rat people working there wholeheartedly. However, the Rats are not good at political works and actual participation in the work. To be exactly, they should avoid doing party affairs, to be a political official, police officer, military officer and other management class jobs.

Best Work Partners: Ox, Monkey, Dragon
Best Age to Start a Business: 35 – 45
Best Career Field: Finance and Economy
Best Business to Do: Clinic, Drug Store, Grain and Oil Shop
Best Direction for Career: Southwest, West and Northwest


Rat is one of the top four zodiac signs blessed in love relationship. People born in the year of the Rat are usually good-looking, elegant and quite popular among the opposite sex.

Kind and honest by nature, Rat people can be stubborn in some ways and have a very keen awareness of unexpected development and intuition, thus quite uncertain in love and subject to the influence of surroundings. For them, the sense of security is probably the most needed thing in a relationship.

Tenderness and carefulness are the qualities peculiar to Rat people who look forward to the romantic relationship as well as unexpected romance and surprise in love.

Once they are sweet on someone, they will never look back but love in a stubborn way; at the very beginning, their relationship can be very intense but when it cools off, they would become very sensitive to all sorts of things in love, get suspicious and lose themselves.

As a result, you need to give priority to romance and the indispensable sense of security if you are in love with a Rat person.

People of Rat sign always pursue the ideal love but no one can get a perfect relationship. Therefore, they are suggested to think less about it and show more trust to each other; a proper distance can make the relationship more romantic and beautiful.

How to make a Rat love you more? The Rat's view of love is a constant pursuit of better lover. This does not mean he/she is fickle in love - he/she is just quite demanding to his/her partner in terms of both appearance and ability. When you are in love with a Rat, make sure you are elegant and decent all the time, and keep learning to improve your inner cultivation and ability.

Rat (mouse) will be in the following years:

10 February 1948  –  28 January 1949
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - brown. Element - earth.

28 January 1960  –  14 February 1961
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - white. Element - metal.

15 February 1972  –  02 February 1973
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - blue. Element - water.

02 February 1984  –  18 February 1985
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - green. Element - wood.

19 February 1996  –  06 February 1997
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - red. Element - fire.

07 February 2008  –  25 January 2009
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - brown. Element - earth.

25 January 2020  –  10 February 2021
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - white. Element - metal.

11 February 2032  –  30 January 2033
Yang (male year, sun and light, sky and day). Colour - blue. Element - water.

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