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Saturday: horoscope by days of the week

Saturday is the day of the week between Friday and Sunday. According to the tradition inherited from Judaism, Saturday is the last day of the week. This agreement remains the standard in the United States and Israel, but in modern Europe, many people view Saturday as the sixth (penultimate) day of the week and Sunday as the last. A modern European understanding is enshrined in ISO 8601.

Countries with strong Christian traditions continue to view Saturday as the seventh day of the week. This correlates with the late ancient tradition, in which the days of the week were linked to the seven classical planets, and the first day of the week was dedicated to the Sun as the most important luminary, the remaining days were devoted to luminaries in descending order of magnitude in the view of the ancients.

Saturday is under the auspices of Saturn - the god of old age and the lord of time. In the Vedic tradition, Saturday reflects inertia and retention. On Saturday, Eastern teachings recommend inaction: meditation, solitude, yoga, household chores.

Metal: lead;
Chakra: muladhara - root (tailbone);
Stone: onyx;
Colors: black, brown;
Plants: ash, cypress;
Incense: cumin;
Symbol: time;
Element: earth.

How to behave on this day

Strict Saturn, the planet of limitations, calls us to restore order in things, relationships, in our feelings, desires and thoughts. Many people on this day understand how much is superfluous in their lives, and seek to get rid of it. Saturday is the best day for passive rest, since any movement, except the slowest, is disgusting to Saturn. The best way to feel happy on this day is to limit your needs, try to eat less, speak less and give less importance to your desires and mood.

Thanks to the energy of strict Saturn, Saturday can be called the day of restrictions. Whatever you communicate with on this day, try to express your thoughts briefly, do not engage in long speeches. Do not say unnecessary words and phrases that are not directly related to the issues discussed, do not talk about your feelings and hardships. If you are going to visit that day, promise the owners of the house that they will not stay long. It is very profitable to go shopping on Saturday, because the Saturn limiter will not allow you to spend a lot of money and buy something extra.

Saturn symbolizes the cross that we carry, walking through life. Saturn is fate, karma, duty, so many people on Saturday feel depressed, as if experiencing the brunt of their cross. You will be remembered if on Saturday you talk with a person that his life is not so complicated and that he does not have too many problems. Saturn is the bitterness of life, therefore it is better not to punish children on Saturday, not to scold anyone, not to criticize - not to add bitterness to people's lives. Rather, on the contrary, it is better to try to sweeten the life of others - to present them with a gift, to say an affectionate word.

To ensure that others do not experience stress from your presence, it is important not to remind them of their duties, about the rules and regulations. Saturn symbolizes the representative of the law, so on Saturday it is dangerous to deceive anyone. Show everyone your honesty. Even if cunning and a tendency to deceive are your inalienable qualities, everyone will consider you honest, if on Saturday you will be so.

Saturn is also the planet of conservatives, which inclines us to follow traditions. Therefore, on Saturday, people have difficulty perceiving innovation. On this day, it is better to show respect for traditions, to show respect to the elders. Maybe the other day your elderly relatives will forgive their careless attitude, but not on Saturday. On Saturday, it will be difficult to prove to your spouse that cooking is not a female occupation, therefore, if you are a woman, do female work, and men should not abandon male duties. Following the traditions of the house, no matter how you relate to them, will unite your family.

Saturn helps us to believe in our strengths, to feel the strength of our spirit, which in the worst case can lead to pride. Banish pride, because if it arises in your soul on Saturday, it can take root and give unwanted sprouts of arrogance, arrogance and arrogance.

Unlike other planets, Saturn gives us its energy, when we do nothing, passively rest. The more Saturnian energy a person has, the stronger his spirit and the easier it is for a person to cope with any difficulties, the easier it is to endure the trials of fate. Spending an entire day every week in complete inaction is difficult, so not to be discouraged by boredom and at the same time attract the energy of Saturn and become stronger will help classes associated with this planet: restoring order, getting rid of unnecessary things, studying any laws, rules and traditions of their people, cooking traditional dishes.

Born on this day

The Saturday born individual will hold an important place in the family tree. They will never have an easy life on the earth. Born under the influence of Saturn, the Saturday born are determined individuals who will take a resolute approach to life. They are slow, steady, hardworking, disciplined and otherworldly. They are also intelligent, professional, practical, very strict and straightforward. They are also adamant and suspicious at times.

People Born On Saturday in Personality. Saturn is the last planet in astrology. It represents the outermost boundary of our consciousness and awareness. Those born on Saturday are highly mature individuals who remain highly responsible to their roles and responsibilities. To the outward appearance you will look serious, but those who get to understand you will find you a wonderful individual to connect with. When it comes to time management, you either do it wisely or terribly. You always look forward to learn through experience. Hence the goals you desire in life are assured for you. Your lucky number is eight. Visit Shiva temples on Saturdays and give charities to the needy to find amazing results in life.

People Born On Saturday in Career. The Saturday born individuals are extremely intelligent. When it comes to business, very few can excel them. They have a natural flair for business due to their calculative mind. You can do well in any type of business. Astrologers call your perfectionists and hence you will deeply get committed to the tasks at hand and prove the best of your abilities. Invest in your capabilities to prove your capabilities through every single project you take up whether it is in your career or business and it is done. One downside to your carer personality is that people often find it difficult to work with you as a team since you are speedy in nature.

People Born On Saturday in Love. By nature, you are a shy individual. It is necessary for you to overcome this tendency in order to move comfortably in your love life. You have a huge heart and always like to give your best to your love partner. You are highly selective when it comes to love life and will choose your partner only after a careful search and analysis. You wish to be independent and hence will like your partner to understand your needs and preferences. In all walks of your life, you never like to take the advices of others. Instead, you only follow your heart.

People Born On Saturday in Marriage. Being a Saturday born, you wish to see professionalism even in domestic relationships and issues. You will be dedicated to the welfare of your family. However, you must go that extra mile to bring in affectionate and considerate approach to govern your family relationships. You do not mind being subdued in married relationship. Avoid being too much complaining. Do not suspect your life partner and always be willing to give the personal space they want in life. Jealousy and doubt are your enemies when it comes to happy married life. Overcome your timid nature and express yourself fully to be understood well.

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