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Sunday: horoscope by days of the week

Sunday is the day of the week between Saturday and Monday. Nowadays, in European countries, as well as according to the international standard ISO 8601, Sunday is considered the last day of the week. The first day it officially continues to remain in the United States, Israel, Canada, and some African countries.

In Christian countries, Sunday is considered a holiday - the day when believers usually attend church. In many Christian denominations, Christians are not allowed to work on this day, or work is considered undesirable. In most cases, this is justified by the fourth commandment given by God to Moses among the other Ten Commandments.

According to the Vedas, week opens Sunday. And of course, the first day of the cycle is traditionally influenced by the Sun - the planet of fire and active action. Solar vibrations are most conducive to planning good deeds, engaging in spiritual practices and exercises to improve the physical body.

Metal: gold;
Chakra: sahasrara - crown (crown);
Stone: ruby;
Color: orange;
Plant: sunflower;
Incense: laurel, cinnamon, saffron, red sandalwood;
Symbol: dotted circle;
Element: fire.

How to behave on this day

Sunday is ruled by a planet of high love, joy, happiness and creativity - the Sun. The sun inclines us to seek not earthly, not material, but spiritual joys, so on such a day we will not be able to feel real satisfaction from ordinary worldly pleasures, from delicious food or from buying things that are needed in the household. On Sunday, we need to do something to satisfy our spirit, to do what we have long dreamed of, which will help us to feel happy. Sunday is the best day for creative work, and we will certainly feel happy if on this day we take up the implementation of a creative project.

The sun is a planet of creativity, so no matter what you do on Sunday, try to be creative, unconventional. It is on Sunday that a new, original way of solving old problems can be born, a new approach to raising children will appear. When communicating with people, show that you are not a conservative, that you are able to accept innovative ideas.

The sun is associated with the personality of each of us, with our unique "I", so more attention should be paid to the individual qualities of people, in a conversation to pay attention to the nature of your character. You will be appreciated that day if you value the "I" of another person. Those close to you will love you with renewed vigor if you tell them a few words about their virtues, about qualities that no one else has met. On this day, you should not start a conversation about a group of people, about residents of a city or country, it is better to dwell on persons. It is important to show others that you value individuality, and not to limit loved ones, children with your comments and advice - let everyone on this day do everything as they see fit, as their inner self requires.

The Golden Sun often gives us the desire to live a royal life: on Sunday, many people have a desire to live in luxury at all costs. And if you want to attract attention, promise a person mountains of gold. On Sunday, it will be difficult to lure the right person to his side, promising him stability in relationships or stable earnings. We need to promise not just stability, but all that he wants. If you make a marriage proposal, tell the future spouse that you will shower her with jewelry, give her earth and heaven, and not just her hand and heart. The sun illuminates the whole earth, so on Sunday people dream of great happiness.

The noble Sun granting us its light, and it requires nobility from us. On Sunday it is dangerous to be greedy, to pass by people in need of help. If you serve the beggar on Sunday, you will insure yourself against failure for the whole week. If you receive guests on Sunday and they like something from your home, show your generosity, present it or promise that you will give them the same.

So, Sunday will be your happy day if you try to forget about habits and can be creative in all matters, if you give others the opportunity to show their individuality and try to be generous and noble.

The sun shines for all, sharing with all beings its energy. Some kind of sun, carrying part of the solar energy, is money. As without the Sun, and without money, a person’s life is difficult, and sometimes impossible. The influence of the Sun can lead to a craving for a luxurious life, for a great love of money. On Sunday, try to forget about money, do not allow lust for love - one of the seven deadly sins, because, having arisen on this day, the love of money can take root and stay with you for a long time.

The more solar energy you bring into your life on Sunday, the more bright, joyful, happy your life will be, the more love will be in your life. You can attract solar energy in the following ways: do any creative work, try to do the usual things in an unusual way, communicate with creative people, read books and watch programs about art and people of art, talk about love, go to music concerts, to the theater, dress in bright - yellow, orange, original clothes and, most importantly, smile more, laugh and not pay attention to trouble.

Born on this day

Those born on Sunday are truly shining stars like the sun. They are never satisfied with anything ordinary. They want to shine with a distinguished brilliance amidst other people. These are highly creative individuals who wish to place themselves in the first pale in every domain of life. These bold, self-centred, proud, noble and confident individuals are real assets to the society.

People Born On Sunday in Personality. Being ruled by the Sun, these people always want to be the centre of attraction and rule their domestic and social front. As the planets revolve around the sun, these people are surrounded by their near and dear ones, children, pets and people. Having enough fun and a purposeful life are their top priorities. From time to time, these people gamble with love. Though they appear confident most of the times, they can be seriously distressed while confronting troubles and challenges. They will only make friends with those people who will allow them to be at the centre. Number one is their lucky number. Worship Sun god every morning or at least on Sundays to find good results.

People Born On Sunday in Career. The Sunday born always love independence and freedom even in their carer. You will do your best in those vocations that will see you working alone. You have a strong difficulty to compromise. Due to this reason, you are a tough person to work with. Choose a career that will make use of your intelligence so that you feel connected with your profession. Leadership roles will suit you the most. Your smartness and self-motivation will push you towards achieving your career objectives easily. However, while working for an organization it is essential that you cultivate tolerance towards others to be able to do well as a team.

People Born On Sunday in Love. You always love independence as a Sunday born person. You are an introvert personality which will mean you will not have many friends. Your close friend's circle will be limited. You do not easily trust others for the fear of being cheated. This will make it difficult for you to find your love life partner. However, once you find the right person who you can depend on, you will start loving them unconditionally. You are often stubborn and short-tempered. This will make your love life a tough journey as they will be frequent quarrels and misunderstandings. If you wish to avoid upsetting your partner, you must learn to compromise and also a keep a check on your quick emotions.

People Born On Sunday in Marriage. Sunday born will have mixed prospects in married life. You are an outgoing individual and will want your personal space and freedom to enjoy your preferences in life. You will find it difficult to balance your domestic and social life. Often your ego and pride will come in the way of your marriage relationship. Though you tend to be self-centered, often you can be overbearing when it comes to relationships. Control your fancy to boast and indulge in self-praise which might hurt the sentiments of your partner. By cultivating a good understanding and considering the emotional needs of your partner will ensure a successful married life.

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